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Anaconda Shoulder Brace

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  • Relieves aching shoulder pain and stiffness using 3D compression
  • Improves bloodflow to help speed up recovery from injuries
  • Gel padding protects injuries from damage
  • Strap secures the joint in place to prevent dislocation
  • Ideal for rotator cuff tears, dislocations and impingements

Reduces Shoulder Pain & Injuries For Martial Artists

Dealing with shoulder pain from martial arts training?

The Anaconda Shoulder Brace uses advanced 3D compression technology, molding to your shoulder shape precisely. This targeted support not only eases pain by reducing swelling and inflammation but also boosts your confidence, especially when bearing weight or strain from opponents.

Faster Recovery from Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries like strains, rotator cuff tears or dislocations are not only painful, they can shake your confidence in your bodies abilities. The Anaconda Shoulder Brace’s 3D compression enhances blood flow, aiding in a quicker recovery because it gets more of the vital nutrients your body needs to heal - so you can train longer and harder. 

Stays In Place Without Reducing Mobility

Shoulder stability is key for movements ranging from throwing punches to grappling. The Anaconda Shoulder Brace is designed to stay in place throughout your training session, giving you the peace of mind that it won’t shift or loosen.

The best part is it doesn't restrict your range of motion because it's made with 3D knitted compression.

 Gel Padding Protects From Injuries

The Anaconda shoulder brace is equipped with gel padding to absorb shock from strikes or falls, protecting your shoulder from further injury.