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Anaconda Ankle Brace

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  • 3D compression reduces ankle pain and improves bloodflow
  • Straps provide support to the ankle and help prevent injury
  • Gel padding protects ankle from impact and damage
  • Griphole at heel stops you slipping
  • Quickly slips on and off for training in less than 30 seconds

Reduces Ankle Pain with 3D Compression

Struggling with ankle pain during martial arts training?

The Anaconda Ankle Brace uses 3D compression technology, perfectly conforming to your ankle. This enhances compression and blood circulation, providing swift pain relief, reducing swelling, and boosting your confidence in your ankle's strength and resilience.

Boost Recovery and Confidence from Ankle Injuries

Ideal for common injuries like sprains, strains and tears. the Anaconda Ankle Brace’s 3D compression enhances blood flow to deliver crucial nutrients to the joint - giving you confidence in a quicker recovery compared to standard braces.

Anti-Slip Griphole and Secure Straps

The Anaconda Ankle Brace is designed with a griphole at the heel to prevent slipping on mats. Its straps wrap around your ankle, safeguarding against dislocation and tearing, plus the straps mean it never slips off.

Gel Padding for Impact Protection

The Anaconda Ankle Brace is equipped with gel padding, to protect against sudden impact and injury setbacks