Don't Let Jiu Jitsu Bust Your Knees Up For Good

Could A New Jiu Jitsu Knee Brace Be The Answer To Knee Pain?

Persistent knee damage can often lead to chronic knee pain later on. Meaning it could become a chore simply to walk around because of shooting pains.

Some athletes choose to train through knee pain and may only have to sit out the odd training session.

This is one of the biggest mistakes an athlete can make.

That's because as knee injuries mount up they get more severe each time. Before you know it - 2 days of some pain becomes 2 weeks of agony & discomfort.

This causes many athletes to sit out for weeks or potentially longer until they grow disheartened and fall out of love with the amazing sport.

Especially when every training session risks a knee “tweaking” or “popping” and they feel that they’re back to square 1 again.

Does Too Much Mat Time Cause “Worn Out Knees”?

Most fighters are unaware that grueling time on the mat is doing irreversible damage to their knees years down the line…

That’s why after years of training your average Jiu Jitsu athlete has nagging pains in their knees every day.

Think of each time you take to the mat as adding miles to your car. One day your knees - just like the car - will be busted and give up!

The Reason Why Jiu Jitsu Pushes Your Knees Past Their Limits

Inside the knee are 4 ligaments which have a stretching limit, and beyond this they can basically “pop” - Which is easy to do when you’re focused on Jiu Jitsu.

There’s no way of knowing when you’ll overstretch past this limit during a round. And every time you train the risk becomes higher as your knees wear out.

Which means serious injury has always been a high risk for Jiu Jitsu fighters.

But did you know there's now a way to reduce the “mileage on your knees” when you train Jiu Jitsu? 

So that you can say goodbye to constant knee pain every time you train?..

Why 10,000+ Jiu Jitsu Athletes Are Using A New Knee Brace To Reduce Knee Pain And Have Less Injuries

A staggering number of athletes have overcome their knee pain struggles with an amazing new Knee Brace.

Those burdened by knee pain are amazed to find that they:

  • Train without knee pain - Taking their Jiu Jitsu game up a level
  • Roll with confidence - Relieved of the incessant worry of injury
  • Helps prevent overextending the ligaments - Avoiding seriously painful time out
  • Secure the knee joint - Minimize the impact felt by blows to the leg
  • Doesn’t reduce range of motion - Gain this protection while still moving with complete flexibility

Is This New Knee Brace For You?

Athletes of all belt levels have improved in Jiu Jitsu using the Anaconda Knee Brace.  We’ve found that you could benefit the most if you meet any of the following:

  • Have you been training Jiu Jitsu for years now and have put stress on your knees?
  • Have you experienced a knee injury before?
  • Do you want to be able to roll on the mats with confidence again?
  • You don’t want to continue suffering knee pain every time you train
  • You have the aim of reaching black belt
  • You're looking to improve recovery after sessions

Protects Your Knee Against Injury Without Reducing Mobility!

You can roll & grapple with total protection but forget you’re even wearing a knee brace!

That’s because it’s made out of lightweight material with a slim design so that you can train without sacrificing any range of motion whatsoever.

 Never Slips Up Or Down During Training

One of the most common complaints from Jiu Jitsu fighters about knee braces is they often slip off during training.

That’s why the Jiu Jitsu Knee Brace has double straps that wrap around the knee and keep it in place.

So you don’t have to worry about having to constantly adjust your knee brace whilst fighting on the mats.

Provides stability to help prevent the knee “collapsing Inwards”

Reduces overextension of the knee ligaments - So you can roll without the fear of stretching them beyond their limit.

Promotes blood flow through the knee meaning faster recovery and less aching knee pain after training.

You Never Know When A Knee Injury Could Strike You Down

Nobody ever expects a serious knee injury to come their way on the mats.

It could be today. Could be tomorrow. Or it could be 5 years from now. All you need to know is that it’s just as likely to happen to you as it is to any other fighter.

This could potentially cause years of frustration at not being able to compete in the sport you love.

This is why over 10,000 athletes have made one small change to their training. One effortless change that has no downside.

Remember the Anaconda knee brace is designed so you maintain full range of motion and your performance isn’t hindered at all. You train as you always have - with a reduced chance of injury.

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  • Amazing compression promotes faster recovery
  • Reduces knee pain and risk of injury

  • Helps Improve stability for weak knees and trouble areas

  • Doesn't affect range of motion during rolling

  • Never slips off thanks to double elastic straps

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