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Constrictor Anaconda

The Anaconda Martial Arts Knee Brace

Reducing knee pain & injury in martial arts.

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  • Provides increased stability to the knee to avoid it feeling it will "pop"

  • Reduces pain and stiffness
  • Kneecap is protected by gel padding

  • Never slips off thanks to unique double strap design

  • Doesn't impact range of motion 

  • Buy 1 - Get 50% A Second Knee Brace

  • Approved By Black Belts Worldwide

  • Now Used By Thousands Of Athletes Worldwide

  • The High-Performance Knee Brace Of Athletes In The UFC And ADCC Among Other Top-Level Competitions

Train Confidently Without Knee Injury Worries Using Adjustable Compression

Train Confidently Without Knee Injuries Using Adjustable Compression

Here's Why The Anaconda Knee Brace Is The Talk Of Gyms Everywhere...

Suffer from knee problems on the mats? The genius of adjustable compression could transform the way you train.

It’s the new design giving athletes an advanced level of stability to anything they’ve ever had before.

The reason normal knee sleeves rarely help is because they don't compress or stabilize properly since they don't adjust to fit your knee shape.
Which is why the Martial Arts Knee Brace has these amazing straps that secure the knee - to add the level of support and stability missing from other knee braces.

The secret to it is that it wraps over, under and around the knee on targeted areas... so your joint has extra support to stop it being knocked out of place and damaged.

"The best brace out there! This is tremendous...

If you're having trouble with your knees this will help you feel much more confident!" 

- Joey "Coco" Diaz

Targeted Compression Reduces Pain & Accelerates Recovery

“I’m 53 but with this thing on I feel 23 again!” - That’s what one athlete had to say about the Anaconda Knee Brace.

This amazing compression reduces knee pain and stiffness in weakened areas.

It tightens around the shape of your knee and enhances blood circulation in a more targeted way than other braces.

And the results are amazing!

Athletes with fatigued knee muscles now feel like their knee is strengthened. Meaning they can move quicker and without pain shooting their knee!

Shield Your Kneecap From Damage With Omega Padding

The Martial Arts Knee Brace was given Omega Padding across the kneecap to protect the knee from damage and prevent pain or swelling.

The genius of the padding is it’s shaped like an X across your knee. Meaning all pressure from impact is absorbed and divided across four directions - preventing isolated damage to a single area of the knee tissue.

That's the reason athletes using the The Martial Arts Knee Brace can comfortably twist, kneel or kick completely pain free.

Keep Full Mobility Thanks To A New Hybrid Fabric

Most knee braces providing any stability are too bulky for training and reduce mobility.

Which is why this knee brace is made with a “synergistic composite” blend of four different fabrics…

This combines all of the qualities of fabrics found in other braces: durability, flexibility, elasticity and comfort.

Athletes are stunned when they realise they can have amazing stability without losing any mobility!

And the best part is the soft fabric has a breathable design which allows airflow.

Meaning you train comfortably as you avoid sweat being trapped and the irritation caused by so many common knee sleeves.


  • Stabilizes the knee to avoid feeling that it'll "pop"
  • Speeds up recovery and reduces stiffness in fatigued muscles
  • Omega Padding absorbs impact to avoid pain & swelling
  • Comfortable lightweight fabric allows athletes to train keeping full mobility

Ready to reduce those frustrating injuries and train harder, more consistently than ever before?

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