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Constrictor Vale Tudo Shorts

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  • Sleek sublimated Design that never fades, peels or cracks
  • Light stretchy material that keeps you comfortable whilst grappling
  • Skin tight compression that helps you slip and move easily on the mats
  • Sweat resistant material repels sweat from the mats
  • Flexible material that always returns to its original shape after hard rounds of rolling

Zero Friction… Glide And Move On The Mats

If you like to move quickly when the opportunity presents itself for a submission.. or pass.. these shorts help keep you light and fast!

With material that helps you “glide” across sweat on the mats and reduces friction as much as possible for intense rounds of rolling.

4 Way Stretch Comfort

Made to stretch in all directions whilst retaining a comfortable compression, the flexibility of the shorts feels like a “second skin”.. So you’re kept cool when the heat goes up.

You won’t feel any uncomfortable “pinching” like you might with shorts that bunch up.