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Anaconda Wrist Brace

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  • 3D compression reduces aching pain and risk of injury
  • Strap secures wrist from injury and dislocation
  • Helps speed up recovery by improving bloodflow
  • Gel padding absorbs shock during training

Reduces Wrist Pain & Injuries In Martial Arts with 3D Compression

Struggling with wrist pain or injuries during your martial arts training?

The Anaconda Wrist Brace precisely fits and supports your wrist to enhance compression and blood flow. This immediate support not only reduces swelling and inflammation for rapid pain relief but also boosts your confidence in executing wrist-intensive maneuvers like blocks, strikes, and holds.

Accelerated Recovery for Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries like sprains or strains can severely hinder your performance. The Anaconda Wrist Brace's 3D compression stimulates blood circulation, speeding up the healing process. That's because more essential nutrients to the injured area aids in a faster recovery.

Impact Protection with Gel Padding

The Anaconda wrist brace includes gel padding to absorb shock and protect your wrist from dislocation, tearing and other injuries.

 Strap Supports Wrist Without Reducing Mobility.

The clever strap design of the Anaconda Wrist Brace ensures it supports your wrist and compresses the joint for extra protection - while still being elastic enough to not restrict your range of motion.