Get 2 Rashguards For $59

Train Confidently Without Knee Injuries

Anaconda Knee Brace

  • Improves stability for weak knees

  • Reduces knee pain and risk of injuries

  • Gel padding absorbs impact

  • Straps stop it slipping off

  • Compression promotes faster recovery
  • Doesn't reduce mobility or range of motion

Get 2 For $59



"This is tremendous! If you're having problems with your knees this will make you feel more confident!"

- Joey 'Coco' Diaz, Comedian & Actor


"As a professional athlete I highly recommend grabbing one to protect yourself from injuries"

- Mason Fowler, ADCC Athlete & 

IBJJF World Champion


"These straps set it apart from anything else - it makes a huge difference"

Paul Craig, UFC Middleweight

Say Goodbye To Knee Injuries

If you don’t protect your knees during martial arts you’ll regret it for years.

That's because countless athletes have to take time away from training every day because something pops during a round and they get injured.

It's why the best athletes invest as much into reducing injuries as they do into training.

And the reason why thousands of athletes are now using the Anaconda Knee Brace to help support their joints, reduce knee pain and reduce the risk of knee injuries during Martial Arts.

10 Seconds Before Class That Could Save You Months

Every training session can cause a build-up of pressure on the knee.

Especially in a heated fight when something could get twisted out of place by complete accident.

That’s why dozens of blackbelts say that taking 10 seconds before class to put on extra knee support is:

"A complete no brainer for reducing injuries!"

The Anaconda Knee Brace Protects Your Knee From All Angles

When the muscles get tired during training it causes the knee to become weak, unstable and at high risk of something getting injured.

That’s why the Anaconda Knee Brace has straps above, below and around the knee - to help provide stability from all angles and stop the knee “collapsing inward”.

So when you’re tired from a hard session you can worry less about injuring your knee and having to take time off.

Helps Reduce Knee Pain And Accelerate Recovery

Little aching pains can often develop into something worse.. Until something pops during a round and you get injured.

That’s why the Anaconda Knee Brace compresses the joint to promote blood flow, which is important to get the vital nutrients to the knee and recover faster when you’re training.

Doesn't Reduce Range Of Motion

It is quick and easy to slip on and off for training. Just 10 seconds to put it on could potentially save months off in injury time.

The knee brace is made from a flexible material so you can still move quickly and move your knee through full range of motion.

So you can say goodbye to uncomfortable, clunky braces that slip off and compromise your mobility when you’re training.

Stays In Place During Training

Most knee braces slide down or fall off in the middle of a round. Exposing the knee to injury and distracting you.

The Anaconda Knee brace has elastic straps which keep it tight to the leg and securely in place throughout your full training session!

Anaconda Knee Brace

  • Compression promotes faster recovery
  • Reduces knee pain and risk of injury

  • Helps Improve stability for weak knees

  • Doesn't affect range of motion 

  • Straps stop it slipping off


Get 2 For $59

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