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Don’t Let Shoulder Injuries Hold You Back

Trying to train through shoulder problems isn't just painful. It's dangerous.

That’s because the pressure of constant training builds up in the shoulder - making it vulnerable to a sudden injury.

Whether it’s aching pain, instability, clicks in the joint or even an occasional “pop” - ignoring shoulder problems is a bad idea.

The reason why is because little aches and pains almost always get worse if ignored, and could turn into a nasty ligament tear, chronic joint problem or dislocation if you're not careful.

That’s why thousands of athletes are now using the Anaconda Shoulder brace’s 3D compression to protect their shoulders from injury and reduce aching pain during training!

Protects The Shoulder From Injury Without Slowing You Down

When your shoulders have been overused at training it’s common for the muscles that hold it in place to become weak, unstable and at high risk of injury.

That’s why the Anaconda Shoulder Brace stabilizes the shoulder using 3D compression - it works by molding to your shoulder shape and supporting the joint against injury - but without being bulky and slowing you down like many other braces!

That’s the best part about 3D compression.. you can worry less about something popping, tearing or being dislocated suddenly when you're training - without feeling restricted!

Reduces Pain And Speeds Up Recovery

If you’ve got stiff and painful shoulders from training it could be a sign of an underlying injury or inflammation..

That’s why the Anaconda shoulder brace is made with 3D compression that helps improve blood flow to the joint - so you get more of the vital nutrients to an injured area to reduce inflammation and boost your recovery.

It’s the reason why so many athletes who have been struggling to get rid of nagging pain find rapid relief from aches and stiffness by using the Anaconda Shoulder Brace!

Gel Padding Helps Prevent Tears And Dislocation

One of the biggest risks for a bad shoulder is sudden impact in the heat of a fight.. It can put too much force onto your joint and cause an injury setback.

It’s the reason the Anaconda shoulder brace has a detachable Gel Pad over the shoulder to “absorb shock” and reduce the risk of a ligament tear or dislocation.

Meaning you can train confidently without worrying a bad shoulder injury could happen unexpectedly in the middle of a round.

Straps Keep It In Place When Your Training

The best part about the Anaconda Shoulder Brace is that it stays in place throughout your training sessions!

So it’s always there protecting your shoulder and providing relief from pain when you need it most - without being a distraction to your training. 

Why Dozens Of Blackbelts Call It

“A No Brainer For Reducing The Risk Of Shoulder Injuries”

The Anaconda Shoulder Brace takes less than 10 seconds before class to put on and could potentially save you months of injury time.

For any athlete training multiple times per week, it could make a world of a difference when you consider how easy it is to overuse a shoulder during training.

See for yourself why thousands of athletes are using it to reduce shoulder pain and reduce the risk of injury.

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