How A Brutal Knee Injury Cost Me 6 Months Of Jiu Jitsu

Have you ever suffered knee pain or injury? Here's how I overcame a potential career ender...

It started one day when I was doing standup after class with some guy from a different gym..

Things got intense quite fast and he decided to jump on my leg with a scissor sweep.

My knee “collapsed inwards” as every bit of mine and my opponents weight went straight on my leg.

I’d never experienced pain like it - as I felt the pops and cracks on my way to the ground.

The worst part was when I stood up my knee completely gave way.

I knew instantly this was a serious injury and there was a long road ahead.

I Went 6 Long Months Off The Mat Because Of My Knee Injury

I’ll never forget how heartbreaking it was when I realized I wouldn’t be able to train for a long time.

You need to understand.. Jiu Jitsu is my life.

If you can relate you’ll know how much it can drain your energy when you can’t train because of an injury.

There I was, barely able bend my knee (nevermind train Jiu Jitsu) because the ligament damage was so bad.

One of the worst things about it was my injury was a complete ACL tear - and everyone told me I had no chance of getting back to training without going under the knife.

My name is Luke, I'm a 26 year old athlete and frankly, I wasn’t going to accept that without trying.

Every single day for 6 months straight I did knee rehab.

If you’ve ever been off the mats with an injury before you’ll know it is filled with ups, downs and constant setbacks.

But slowly and surely.. I started to make progress and return to the mats.

It felt like a victory, but I still had challenges ahead…

Getting Back On The Mats Was Scary

If you’ve ever had a bad injury you’ll know how much it destroys your confidence.

Even when I was doing light drilling I had to constantly tell my training partners to be careful with my knee.

That’s because even the slightest bit of pressure could lead to a major set-back and more time off the mats.. Which I wasn’t willing to accept.

I Was Worried I’d Twist My Knee Accidentally

Every class my knee was holding me back from enjoying Jiu Jitsu...

  • My knee constantly had sharp pains in it
  • Every class was filled with worry I’d go over my knee and re-injure it.
  • I had to warn my training partners to go easy with my bad leg.
  • I couldn’t concentrate on techniques because I was trying to figure out if my knee could handle it.
  • My knee was slowing me down in the middle of a round because I couldn’t move too quickly.

I wanted nothing more than to be back at my best…

I Needed The Confidence Back In My Knee!

I started wearing a knee brace to class so that everyone knew not to do anything crazy with my leg.

I needed something that would give me the extra support and stability I needed without being a hindrance to my game.

But there was a major problem with every single knee brace I tried.

It was so difficult to find a knee brace that stayed in place when I was training and kept my knee secure.

There were so many I tried that were too clunky and didn’t let me bend my knee through full range of motion when I was training.

And the more I thought about it the more I wanted to create the perfect knee brace for Jiu Jitsu athletes.

I spent countless nights researching what made a great knee brace and testing them out on the mats.

I spoke to my physiotherapist who recommended every detail a knee brace needed to keep your knee secure and help speed up recovery for a bad knee when you’re training Jiu Jitsu.

This is when I started to realize what features the perfect knee brace for Jiu Jitsu needed.

We went through countless samples until we arrived at something that was flexible enough for Jiu Jitsu but still provided excellent knee protection on the mats.

After getting the “Jiu Jitsu Stamp Of Approval” from athletes at my class we finally produced something that felt flexible, while giving your knee the support it needs while rolling.

Introducing The Anaconda Jiu Jitsu Knee Brace

I decided to include everything you need to protect your knees in Jiu Jitsu into one amazing knee brace:

  • Uses compression to reduce knee pain from Jiu Jitsu
  • Provides extra stability to reduce the risk of injury
  • Doesn’t reduce range of motion or slip off in the middle of a round
  • Reduces hard impact when your knees crash on the mat

Why Dozens Of Blackbelts Are Calling It:

“A Complete No Brainer For Reducing The Risk Of Knee Injuries”

My biggest regret was not wearing a good knee brace before my injury.

Because a little extra knee support could potentially save months off the mats in injury time.

That’s why the Anaconda knee brace has wraps that go under, around and above the knee to provide extra stability, without compromising mobility.

So if you go over your knee, the extra tension acts as an additional layer of stability to reduce the amount of “twisting” your knee endures...

  • Doesn’t slip off when you’re in the middle of a round
  • Reduces the risk of hyperextending the ligaments
  • Helps blood flow to improve recovery
  • Slips on in less than 10 seconds before class
  • Lets your training partners know not to go crazy with your leg
  • Reduces knee pain

Gel Padding Helps Absorb Sudden Impact

The last thing you want to do is smack a bad knee off the ground or have someone fall into it.

That’s why the Anaconda knee brace has gel padding that reduces the impact when someone falls into it or when you’re shooting for a takedown.

So you don’t feel like your knee is holding back your game because you're constantly worrying about it crashing into something

Stays In Place When You’re Rolling

The best part about the Anaconda Knee Brace is that it stays in place when you’re training.

It’s got rubber grips on the top of it and the straps go around your knee which keeps it tight to your knee!

So it’s not going to constantly slip off like other knee braces. and distract you in class because you have to fix it.

Reduces Knee Pain And Improves Recovery Speed

One of the worst things about a knee injury is the nagging pain that holds you back day to day.

This is the reason why the Anaconda knee brace compresses the joint to help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation on the joint.

Just look at all the other athletes who it’s helped reduce knee pain:

Doesn’t Reduce Mobility While Training

There are lots of clunky knee braces out there that destroy your game because you can’t flex your knee or get on your heels while you’re wearing them.

That’s why the Anaconda knee brace is made of a flexible knee brace that “feels like a second skin” and can actually fit straight under your Gi as well!

10 Seconds Before Class That Could Save You Months

The Anaconda knee brace slips on easily in less than 10 seconds before class and could potentially be the difference between having a great year of progress in Jiu Jitsu or having constant setbacks because of injuries.

Especially if you’re training multiple times per week - because you’re going to be putting a lot of pressure on your knees that can build up over time.

Until one little tweak can lead to a major setback in your Jiu Jitsu.

You can get the Anaconda Knee Brace to help prevent the risk of injury by hitting "Add To Cart" Below.

  • Amazing compression promotes faster recovery
  • Reduces knee pain and risk of injury

  • Helps Improve stability for weak knees and trouble areas

  • Doesn't affect range of motion during rolling

  • Never slips off thanks to double elastic straps

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