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Anaconda Knee Brace

The Anaconda Martial Arts Knee Brace

Reducing knee pain & injury in martial arts.

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  • Amazing compression promotes faster recovery

  • Reduces knee pain and risk of injury

  • Helps improve stability for weak knees and trouble areas

  • Doesn't affect range of motion during rolling

  • Never slips off thanks to double elastic straps

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Reducing Knee pain & Injuries in 4 steps:

01. provides Stability to the knee to combat impact taken

With the knee joint stabilized, blows to the leg cause less damage.

02. Helps prevent ligament Damage

Provides support to weak ligaments and helps you to stop extending them past their limits

03. Guards the kneecap

Covered by a gel padding to absorb any impact taken and prevent swelling which can last for weeks.

4. Boosts Recovery

Speed up the recovery process as blood flow is increased through the knee. This helps reduce pain and soreness after training

Protects Against Old Injuries Returning

The big problem is that we never know when injuries have recovered 100%.

So we think that the injury has healed fully but instead, we’re slowly wearing away at it until… you guessed it…we’re spending time out once again!

The Martial Arts Knee Brace provides stability to the knee joint and support to vulnerable ligaments - shielding them from reversing this healing process each time we train.

That's because the tight compression around the knee increases blood flow through the weakened areas to boost the recovery process. This helps to reduce that uncomfortable feeling of walking around stiff and sore the next day.

Get Back To Training At 100% Intensity

Athletes who’ve injured their knee before can become anxious when training. That’s because the thought of having to sit out injured again holds them back from performing at their best.

What this means is their performance plummets as much as their enjoyment with their mind being distracted throughout training.

This Martial Arts Knee Brace allows you to train with your mind at rest.

Go to training reassured by protection which helps to reduce the damage being done by takedowns or the chances of pushing ligaments too far as you roll on the mats.

You no longer need to let worrying about a knee injury destroy your passion for the sport.

"Is the Martial Arts Knee Brace Right for me?"

Knees are tested in every combat sport.

All Martial Arts have some form movement which could damage the knee:

  • Sudden twisting of your stance
  • Kicking
  • Blocking or Checking
  • Takedowns
  • Rolling

Among the 16,000+ users of the Martial Arts Knee Brace from different sports are those who've suffered from:

  • Aching pain causing difficulty walking

  • Knee "clicking" with every move

  • Previous injuries such as ACL/MCL tears

  • Prepatellar Bursitis

  • Knee joint pain

  • Ligament damage
  • Swelling

 Combats The Strains From Martial Arts

The Martial Arts Knee Brace was designed to provide the ultimate knee protection for athletes.

Gel Padding

Inserted over the kneecap is a gel pad to cushion any impact.

Tight Compression

Contains the knee joint & ligaments in place whilst increasing blood flow.

Double Strap

Secures the brace comfortably In place.

Slimfit Design

Light material means no flexibility lost. You forget that it's even on.

Gel Padding Over The Kneecap Absorbs Impact

The knee constantly hitting off the ground (such as in wrestling and in Jiu Jitsu) is what causes inflammation of the kneecap, swelling and eventually injury.

The name for this is prepatellar bursitis and can be a common nightmare for wrestlers in particular.

By protecting the kneecap this could be avoided. You won't need to sit out for weeks as you wait for the swelling to calm.

Double Strap Holds It In Place
Once this knee brace is fastened it simply doesn’t slip up or down.

You can count on it staying fixed in place for hours of intense rolling, kicking, whatever you like - so you don’t have to constantly fix it before or after a round.

Compression Sleeve Stabilizes The Joint & Ligaments

Secure compression around the knee is how this brace holds the joint and ligaments safely in place.

It's impossible for us to think about the limits our ligaments can stretch to in the middle of a fight.

Allow the Martial Arts Knee Brace to do this job for you and throw your full concentration on competing

You can boost your training intensity that extra 10% once you no longer hold back due to fear of injury.

Slimfit Design Doesn't Reduce Range Of Motion

Sleek-looking, smooth material that slips on like a glove.

Provides impact-resistant outer protection to the knee. However, you maintain full flexibility and no loss of speed.

The Martial Arts Knee Brace

  • Train safely without triggering the trauma of previous injuries
  • Slash the time spent sidelined by injury
  • Give weak joints & ligaments relief from the pressure put on them during martial arts
  • Provide extra knee support to help prevent injuries in Martial Arts
  • Reduces stiffness and soreness the day after training

Ready to reduce those frustrating injuries and train harder, more consistently than ever before?

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