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Anaconda Knee Brace

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Reduces Knee Pain And Injuries

The #1 Knee Brace For Combat Sports Athletes Worldwide

Uses 3D Compression To Relieve Aching Knee Pain Fast

If your knees are feeling stiff, painful or unstable you've got to try the Anaconda Knee Brace.

It's the industry standard brace for thousands of combat sports athletes worldwide for one simple reason:

It works.

Whether it's Jiu Jitsu, MMA, kickboxing or even daily use. Thousands of users of the Anaconda Knee Brace are finally finding relief from aching knee pain and injuries thanks to the Anaconda's unmatched levels of 3D compression.

Straps Support Your Knee Without Reducing Mobility

The secret to the Anaconda knee brace is that it wraps under, around and above the knee to protect from injuries at every angle, without compromising your mobility at all.

This stability helps stop your knee “twisting inwards” or bearing too much pressure suddenly, which can be one of the main ways that ligaments get damaged.

The best part about the straps is they relieve pressure put on the knee's ligaments, which has been shown to provide pain relief immediately for hundreds of blackbelts across the world.

Gel Padding Absorbs Impact

If you’ve ever smacked a bad knee off the ground or had someone fall into it you’ll know how frustrating the setback can be when you’re trying to recover from an injury.

That’s why the Anaconda knee brace has gel padding that “absorbs impact”.

So you can worry less about an unexpected knock or sudden pressure causing something to pop or crack out of place.

Compression Improves Bloodflow And Reduces Pain

Little aching pains can often develop into something worse.. Until something pops and you suffer an injury

That’s why the Anaconda Knee Brace compresses the joint to promote blood flow, which is important to get the vital nutrients to the knee and recover faster when you’re training.

It's the reason why it reduces stiffness, swelling and soreness after training.

Stays In Place

Most knee braces end up sliding down or falling off completely in the middle of rounds.

The Anaconda Knee brace has a rubber inseam grip and elastic straps which keep it tight to the leg.

So it’s not going to constantly slip off like other knee braces and distract you in class because you have to fix it.

Why Dozens Of Blackbelts Call It

“A No Brainer For Reducing The Risk Of Knee Injuries”

The Anaconda Knee Brace takes less than 10 seconds before class to put on and could potentially save you months of injury time.

For any athlete training multiple times per week, it could make a world of a difference over a long period of time.

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