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Boxers' Secret Weapon:
5 Ways The Anaconda Shoulder Brace Helps Injuries And Pain

The #1 Shoulder Brace For Martial Arts

Anaconda Fightwear
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Man training with boxing gloves, throwing punches at a heavy bag in a gym.

Reduces The Risk Of Shoulder Injuries With 360° Stability


Worry less about shoulder injuries with our 360-degree support system. Perfect for throwing powerful punches confidently ensuring your shoulder remains steady and strong.

Man with tattoos wearing black shoulder brace.

Relieves Pain With 3D Compression


The Anaconda Shoulder brace boosts blood flow with 3D compression, ensuring essential nutrients reach your shoulder joint. This reduces pain and inflammation quickly, enabling you to train pain free and recover quicker.

A tattooed man in a boxing ring assumes a fighting stance during training.

Boosts Recovery  After Tough Training


After intense training your shoulders can feel stiff and sore. Our shoulder brace uses advanced 3D compression to enhance blood flow, speeding up recovery and relieving stiffness. Get back to peak performance faster and say goodbye to lingering shoulder pain.

Close-up of a person wearing a black and gray shoulder brace.

Padding Helps Prevent Dislocation


The shoulder brace’s shock-absorbing padding provides superior protection, helping to prevent shoulder dislocations during intense training and sparring sessions. 

Tattooed man with shoulder support sitting in a boxing ring.

Stays In Place & Doesn't Slow You Down


Using anti-slip technology, the Anaconda shoulder brace doesn’t shift or need constant adjustments during training.

Enjoy full freedom of movement and maximum performance without any hindrance, allowing you to focus on your performance.


Person wearing a black shoulder support brace in a gym setting.



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