Get 2 Knee Braces for $59

Anaconda Ankle Brace

  • Stays firmly in place whilst grappling providing support to the ankle and helping prevent injury
  • Helps prevent unwanted shifts in the ankle from twists and attacks
  • Quickly slips on and off for training in less than 30 seconds
  • Uses compression to help the joint recover from injuries

Supports The Ankle Against Pressure Whilst Rolling

Grappling puts a ton of pressure on the Ankle - It's part of the sport we all love. We all know that, but deal with it because we love rolling.

However every now and then something might aggravate your joint a little more than usual, like an attack or twisting motion that's went a little too far.

It can result in a lot of aching pain in the ankle - but even more painful is the requirement to take time off the mats to let it heal.

Helps Keep The Ankle Secure Against Twists, Impact And Pressure

Sudden twists on the joint when your passing guard or tangled up with an opponent can cause a lot of damage to the ligaments of the ankle

The Unique design of Anaconda Ankle Brace helps the ankle to endure the additional pressure. So you can roll hard without worrying about injuries from little strains.

Move swiftly, confidently and explosively whilst grappling knowing your ankle is secure against unwanted strains.

Providing Stability For Athletes Recovering From Injuries

Getting back on the mats can be a long, drawn out process when you're recovering from an injury - The last thing you want is to aggravate things too soon and set yourself back.

Help prevent triggering injuries again by providing additional support to the ankle whilst you're rolling. The compression of the Anaconda straps helps keep blood flow in the joint so that your injuries may actually mend faster.

So that you can train consistently without injuries setting back your progress on the mats.

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