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Kids Anaconda Knee Brace

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  • Helps reduce risk of injury during Jiu Jitsu
  • Straps stop the brace from slipping off during training
  • Helps reduce build up of wear and tear on the knee joint
  • Compression helps improve recovery speed
  • Gel padding absorbs impact from the ground and opponents
  • Quickly and easily slips on and off for training

Protect Young Knees From Injury During Jiu Jitsu

While Jiu Jitsu can be great for kids personal development, it sure can be risky for the knees.

That’s because repeated impact from a young age can cause a “buildup of wear and tear” with potential long-term consequences.

It’s the reason why a bit of knee support from a young age can help reduce pressure and impact on the knees.. and go a long way in reducing the potential for injuries to develop.

Gel Padding Helps Absorb Sudden Impact

The Anaconda knee brace has gel padding that reduces the impact when someone falls into it or when shooting for a takedown.

This helps reduce the buildup of wear and tear on the joint caused by consistent impact and stress on the legs.

Stays In Place When You’re Rolling

The best part about the Anaconda Knee Brace is that it stays in place when during training.

It’s got rubber grips on the top of it and the straps go around your knee which keeps it tight to your knee!

So it’s not going to constantly slip off like other knee braces and cause distraction in class.

Compression Helps Improve Recovery Speed

The Anaconda knee brace compresses the joint to help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation on the joint.

This helps improve recovery and reduces the chances of an injury developing.

Doesn’t Reduce Mobility While Training

There are lots of clunky knee braces out there that destroy your game because you can’t flex your knee or get on your heels while you’re wearing them.

That’s why the Anaconda knee brace is made of a flexible material that “feels like a second skin”.

Fits straight under The Gi

The knee brace is made to fit comfortably under a Gi so that you can have all the knee protection with the comfort of it being under your Gi.

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