Coral Anaconda Combat Shorts

  • Badass sublimated design that will never peel or fade
  • “Grapplers fit” that sits slightly above the knee 
  • Moves with flexibility whilst grappling with a spandex inner thigh and slit on the outer thigh
  • Fits perfectly at the waist for rounds of grappling using an adjustable waistband and velcro fly that folds downwards
  • “Light Yet Tough” material that can withstand the intensity of rolling on the mats - yet still gives you complete flexibility and breathability

Light Yet Tough Shorts For Fighting!

If you like to feel fast and agile whilst grappling… Without having tiny shorts that bunch up and rub off the inside of your thigh - Combat shorts are exactly what you need.

You can feel comfortable, sharp and ready for your rounds of grappling - But still get all the benefits of great fitting shorts that can withstand the incredible intensity of hard rounds of rolling.

Because rolling around the mats creates an incredible amount of friction - most shorts can’t withstand it and come apart - however, the Anaconda Combat shorts are made using a material that has incredible endurability, with all the flexibility and comfort you need for fighting.

Stretches Any Way You Need Whilst Rolling!

The Combat Shorts are made with a material that is flexible enough for you to move your legs in any direction without any restriction of movement - Yet tough enough thatno amount of pulling could possibly tear the fabric!

The elastane inner thigh means you can roll and move your leg in any direction without any friction whatsoever. Your legs will have complete freedom of movement for shooting in for takedowns, attacking with triangles and quickly passing guard.

Slits on the outer thigh make the shorts breathable and allow you to move your leg as much as you need to on both sides without ever restricting movement on the mats

Fits Grapplers Perfectly!

The shorts sit slightly above the knee (around 2-3 inches) so they aren’t too short.. and sit exactly where they are supposed to.

The dual-comfort waist has both an adjustable waistband and a velcro fly that folds down securely at the top - so you can create the perfect, most comfortable fit that suits you! And get the benefits of tough shorts that will stay in place after you adjust them.

Badass Sublimated Design That Will Never Peel or Fade!

The shorts print is entirely heat sublimated into the material, so they will always keep you looking like a badass and never look worn out - scratch it with your nail or any sharp object! You’ll see that the print is not affected whatsoever!

So you can show up to training every time looking and feeling like a boss.

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