5 reasons why


Use The Anaconda Knee Brace to protect their knees from injury

1. Wrestle Confidently Without The Fear Of Injury

When you're worried about triggering an old injury you might hesitate to shoot because you don't want to set yourself back. 

That's why thousands of wrestlers call the protection from the Anaconda Knee Brace "a game changer" for boosting confidence when you've got a weak knee.

2. Stabilizes The Ligaments

Without Slowing You Down

One of the main ways serious wrestling injuries come around is from too much pressure being put on a shaky knee.

It's the reason why dozens of wrestling coaches love how the Anaconda knee brace provides stability without restricting your range of movement.

3. Enjoy Wrestling Pain Free

If you've got nagging knee pain throughout training then every takedown can feel like kneeling on broken glass.

The compression from the Anaconda Knee Brace promotes blood flow to get nutrients into the joint and speed up recovery which helps relieve your knees from pain.

4. Absorbs The Impact From Takedowns

When you shoot for a takedown there's a risk you can pop your knee out of place because of the force. 

The Anaconda knee brace has a gel padding that "absorbs" the impact when you shoot in.. So your knees don't take all the damage.

5. Trusted By 41,000+ Athletes

The Anaconda Knee Brace has protected the knees of over 41,000 athletes including Pro wrestlers, Mixed Martial Arts athletes, Comedy Legend Joey Diaz, and many more.

The Anaconda Knee Brace

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Wrestle confidently without knee injuries holding back your training today.

  • Reduces risk of injury

  • Stays in place during training

  • Relieves knee pain